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      Benzoyl peroxide
    Tert-Butyl peroxybenzoate
    Tert-Butyl hydroperoxide
    Di-tert-Butyl peroxide
    Acetyl chloride
    2,4-Dichlorobenzoyl peroxide

    Information for safe handling of organic peroxides
    1, the peroxide is flammable, must be placed away from sources of ignition and heat sources. Stored in a cool place, and can not be any combustible material and promote the agents together. Actually perform on the product label should be indicated by the storage temperature.
    2, the risk of explosion: must not be allowed peroxide mixed with the accelerator must be added to the resin, respectively.
    3, peroxide must be stored in the original barrel. If and rust, dust, dirt, accelerator, and many kinds of chemical exposure are likely to cause violent decomposition reaction.
    4, when you use peroxide, must wear safety gloves and goggles. Even a diluted peroxide can cause skin or eye corrosion.
    Absolute prohibition in the workshop or storage warehouse smoking and ignition!
    Time of the accident emergency procedures
        Eyes: When eyes met peroxide, immediately flush with plenty of water for at least 10-15 minutes, immediately taken to hospital for treatment.
        Mouth: when accidentally swallowed peroxide, the one a piece of charcoal added to sip water, and then immediately taken to hospital for treatment.
    Skin: Take off the clothes to be confused peroxide, wash skin thoroughly with water and then sterilized bandage.
         Leakage: If leakage or peroxide was knocked out, use inert materials such as vermiculite or sand to clean after adsorption, according to the chemical waste management regulations.
    Small fire: water spray or spray foam can make it out.
    Fires: Keep a safe distance 10-15 m fire, and immediately notify the fire units to assist the fire.

            We believe that the above information is helpful to you, but we can not guarantee that it is correct and due to the implementation of the above recommendations that you incur any liability, the user should be in the commercialization
    of the product thoroughly before you complete the product of the application of test , our proposal should not be used against the law and safety regulations.
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